At Core Chiropractic, we believe that the chiropractic adjustment is paramount in your care. We carefully assess the nervous system through our spinal assessment and examination to determine if you are a good candidate to become a practice member in our office. This is a two-appointment process, which is described in more detail below.

Day One:

During your first visit at our office we will ask many questions. Our team will collect pertinent health information and discuss the struggles you may be encountering in daily life. Dr. Waro will perform an examination that assesses any physical limitations and nervous system interference that may be present.

Day Two:

Dr. Waro will meet with you to discuss the results of the examination. He will explain why Chiropractic may be a positive solution for your health and wellness. He will also discuss the intervention he considers most beneficial to your nervous system health, if any.

After you become a practice member at Core Chiropractic, the visits will become much shorter in length. Dr. Waro will ask you a few questions before each adjustment and spend time assessing your spine on a visit-by-visit basis. He is monitoring for improvement in your spinal structure and nervous system function. Chiropractic, like all good things, takes time. Your body will require consistent adjustments to change the way it responds to the stresses in your life. We will reassess your progress on a semi-annual basis to determine if changes must be made to your chiropractic health plan to achieve the desired results.