Q: What is chiropractic?

A: Chiropractic is a health care profession that focuses on the interaction between the nervous system and the body.

Q: What do chiropractors do?

A: Chiropractors evaluate the nervous system through a series of tests to determine whether the connection between brain and body is working at its fullest ability. This includes bodily processes such as sleep, muscle strength, reflexes, and even immune system function. After assessment, the chiropractor may choose to provide a chiropractic adjustment.

Q: What is a chiropractic adjustment?

A: A Chiropractic adjustment is the art of using a specific force that the chiropractor may issue into the back to manipulate the nervous system through the spine. The goal of this technique, which the chiropractor has been specifically trained for, is to remove interference from the nervous system, called a vertebral subluxation. This allows the nervous system to function at its fullest potential.

Q: Do chiropractic adjustments hurt?

A: Chiropractic adjustments, when performed by a trained chiropractor, are completely safe and should not be uncomfortable. Occasionally, you may find that an adjustment is accompanied by mild discomfort. This discomfort is most commonly from the connected soft tissues reacclimating to their new, subluxation free environment.

Q: Why does my body make that "cracking" sound when it is adjusted?

A: The sound is not always present during an adjustment. When you hear the "popping" sound during an adjustment, air is being released from the joint space between two bones. It is not a bone moving or breaking. Chiropractic adjustments, done properly and by a trained professional, are safe.

Q: Are all practice members adjusted the same way?

A: Each practice member is unique. Therefore, the adjustments required will be customized based on size, weight, age, and health conditions.

Q: Can I see a chiropractor if I am pregnant?

A: Absolutely. In fact, Core Chiropractic provides specialized care for expecting mothers. Many pregnant women find that chiropractic adjustments improve the pregnancy experience and ease delivery. Adjustments are customized based on the unique needs of each practice member and stage of pregnancy.

Q: Can a chiropractor adjust children?

A: Yes. Chiropractors help with many childhood ailments that many mothers wouldn't think of. For example, freeing the nervous system through a chiropractic adjustment may help relieve allergies, colic, constipation, latching issues, ear infections, and restless sleeping. The chiropractic adjustment for an infant or child is much different than an adult adjustment. Much less force is required to influence the nervous system of a child or infant and the chiropractor will most likely apply a gentle, prolonged pressure instead of a "thrust" to the child's spine.