About Core Chiropractic

At Core Chiropractic, our mission is to restore the function of our practice members’ nervous systems so that the body may function at its fullest potential. Through our team of friendly, professional, and committed employees, we aim to deliver superb chiropractic care to our practice members so they may experience a higher quality of life.

Life at its fullest, from the heart of chiropractic.

Why Chiropractic?

Have you ever asked yourself what makes your body heal? How does it artfully repair a cut or fight infection? You don’t tell your body to do these things, it does it on its own. We call this “intelligence”. Chiropractic is built on the principle that the “power that creates the body, heals the body”. That is, we focus on creating a healthy environment for your nervous system to flourish and perform all functions of a healthy body. Chiropractic is for whole-body wellness.




I was skeptical about chiropractic care. Luckily, I decided to give it a try before Dr. Waro left Saginaw. After years of being told there was nothing wrong with my back, I just pulled a muscle, etc. I felt like an idiot even going in. Dr. Waro was filled with compassion, I don't think I've had a doctor make me feel like they cared so much before. After just a few adjustments I was able to bend again!! My whole family ended up starting chiropractic care and we all love him, he's pretty much my 3 yo son's best friend. We will genuinely miss you in Saginaw, Dr. Waro!! Best of luck!

-Jennifer Garza via Facebook


Dr. Waro was one of my favorites at Shields Chiropractic. He can vouch for the fact that I cried on his last day. He is one of the few doctors that can fully adjust my neck. Stress from teaching keeps it locked up most of the time. I miss him here in Saginaw. Wisconsin is very lucky to have him.

-Shannon Henige via Facebook


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Core Chiropractic
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